by The Oblations

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Dynasties was recorded during the formation of two-man band The Oblations in the summer of 2012. Taking to the bedrooms and basements of Pittsboro and Durham, Joe MacPhail and Daniel Fields sharpened their production and engineering skills, and out of a batch of 40-some songs came the 15 tunes of Dynasties.

We hope that you have as much fun listening to the album as we did making it!


released August 3, 2013

The Oblations:
Daniel Fields - Vocals, Guitar, Bass on "Marilee", "Every Letter" and "Say My Name", Production & Engineering
Joe MacPhail - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Production & Engineering

Jim Henderson - Saxophones (All double-saxophone parts were played live with two saxophones)
Laura Wooten - Vocals on Tracks 2, 4, 11, 12
Ella Bertram - Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 8, 11
Christopher Stevens Brown - Vocals on Track 14
Rosie Gould - Vocals on Track 1



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The Oblations Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Oblations are a two-man band, where Joe MacPhail plays components of the drum kit and keyboards which, together with Daniel Fields's guitar, create a fullness of sound usually reserved for trios or quartets. Their dedication to songcraft and musicianship bring the music to life, giving the group a vibrant personality. ... more

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Track Name: Marilee
I went out one morning, the leaves were turning gold
I left her there behind me and went on down the road
Spent all that fall just wishing she would call
Or at least write me a letter saying "please come back home"

Marilee, I know you're doing alright by and by
All I ever wanted has slipped out of sight, along that horizon line

Every night my dreams are haunted by her face
I see her standing right in front of me but she's gone when I awake
I try not to live in the past
I live in the present but I don't think it'll last


When the rain falls down on this old ghost town
I hold hands with her shadow and I wander around
I keep on searching but I know what I'll find
Alone with a bottle and Time Out Of Mind


Oh Darling, can't you see?
Why didn't you come running after me?
Oh Darling, can't you tell
I'm going through hell

In the early spring I'll go back up that road
And I'll find her there waiting where I left her so long ago
What drew us together was what we had lost
And anything that we tried to find only pulled us apart

Track Name: Hold Back
Lights on the waterfront, the dark, my love, keeps us hid
Past the borderline, no troubled mind can make us stay

Hold back the tide, hold me till the morning light
Hold back the sea, hold me, Rosemary

Everything we talk about, I can't doubt this flesh and blood
I can kind of tell by the way, if you want me to stay, please let me know


Saw you in a photograph, free at last, upon the wall
Shine your light on me, I want to see through the fog
Track Name: Get Along
There's got to be a way to stop all of this wandering around
But when you stop you can't get over the hill
What you say to me?

I said we've all got to get along sometimes
We don't know what we did wrong
If you'd stop dreaming about, please let us know what we did wrong is just as good as right sometimes

Am I doing what you want, what you want me to be?
Well if I can't get over that means that we've gotta go under the hill


I've been waiting for someone to come around and tell me just what to do
Tell me, do you know just really what to do?

Track Name: Evening Eyes
I used to love the light of the day
Sunshine made a spot for me to lay
Now there's no appeal in being fried
Now I've fallen for your evening eyes

I remember how time made you fade
Till you were faultless and never strayed
I love how you fall and how you rise,
But most of all I love your evening eyes

It seems the sunrise purifies my thoughts, cleans out my eyes
But I dream of the night and how it lasts forever

I'm alone wishing that you'd come by
And at least sing me a lullaby
But then I would have to say goodnight
And you then you would close your evening eyes

It seems the sunrise purifies my thoughts, cleans out my eyes
But I dream of the night and how it seems forever
Oh I tried to run, I tried to hide
But I can't escape your evening eyes
Oh I loved you once all through the nice
But most of all I love your evening eyes
Track Name: Just Another Satellite
This little piece of ground
That I cling to now
It shakes where I walk
And dies from the shock
There is no one other than you
There is no one for me to lose

Stained glass, sky in the west
I got no secrets to confess
Tear down these walls that we build on high
We can make it under the hill alright
That crescent shape in the sky

When you can't say much, you'll find there's not much to say
When you can't escape, everyone will know your name
Joan, don't let go
Joan, don't leave me alone

Couldn't I write all that I know?
Trapped beneath the bitter halo
Chained to the lamp-light glow
Stranded in the front row
All of the things I don't understand
Drawn by some invisible hand
Track Name: Every Letter
I'm the man in your backyard
Waiting for you with open arms
I'm the man of the dreams
But there's a shadow it seems
Lurking in the dark
And it's keeping us apart

I'm your man from the mountains,
Standing outside your castle wall shouting
In vain, these words won't come again
And every letter just feeds the flames
That rise like smoke before my eyes
Hiding every one of your whispered replies

Oh baby, you know it's true, I can't help being in love with you
Oh darling child, I know I'm to blame for every one of these games we play

I'm the man in the getaway car
I'll take you anywhere near or far
I'm the one that comes with the morning light
And stays by your side all through the night
You're the song of the lonely whipporwill
Resting upon my windowsill

You're the one shining like the moon
Through my blinds, into my room
Every night through my skies you crawl
Casting shadows upon my wall
Where I stand, pressed so tightly up against
Hoping just to feel your sweet caress

Track Name: Alright
I've been wondering what you're doing
I've been thinking about it for a long time
I can't eat, I can't sleep with nobody
Cause I've got you on my mind

I've been thinking about you messing up, about you being mean
And I don't know what it's gonna be
But I talked to your friend and he told me
My skepticism's got me much to blind to see that it's alright

Am I good enough for you?
I've been thinking up and down and left and right and lord, I've been thinking too much
And now there's all these silly thoughts running through my head
But it all will come to pass, both you and I. It's alright.

I've been trying, I've been trying so hard
Track Name: I'm In Love
I felt your touch, and I know that it ain't much
I felt your touch, now I'm in love
I saw your face, and I felt your warm embrace
I saw your face, now I'm in love

All these orbits seem to be waves feeding back on themselves

I felt your strength, and my soul began to shake
I felt your strength now I'm in love
I heard you speak, and I knew that you were me
I heard you speak now I'm in love

All these orbits seem to be waves feeding back on themselves

I saw you move your body against the moon,
I saw you move now I'm in love

All these visions of you and me, Love feeding back on itself
Track Name: Fall
Tentatively I step into your room, I kick, kick off my shoes and shut the door
I smell your slight perfume, and that dress clings to you the way I wish you would cling to me

Talking fast, heart pumping, trying to get out the words I want to say

The next day I awake, sorrow at my feet when I realize I still feel the same
Tortured by maybes, tortured by possibilities, tortured by how I'm so naive

Talking fast, heart pumping through the blood in my veins

There will always be a place in my chest waiting if you decide to fill it up
Track Name: Fight For Air
I can see the light inside of you
The dawn in your smile
I'll trade my laughter for the tears running down your face
I lay by your side

Blow wind, blow, I'm coming home, tell my sister I'm alright
Look home, angel, let the mountains cover your bones

I lost count of how many years I've been in this place
And I can't find the time
I don't know what I want but I know that I don't want this
I say I don't mind


You've got to fight for it
You've got to fight for air

Unchained, we wandered towards the light
Leave the shadows behind
From a prison to a prison we roam
From darkness to light

Track Name: Open Door
The world lightens before my eyes, dawn's ripples bringing color to the skies, and I suppose to live is to grow old, I suppose when it's gone nobody knows... my belief is but a seed and maybe one day it'll grow into a tree, I don't know why it all has to go, I don't know the wills that make it so

The radio plays a song I know, an old friend to my ears opens up the door once more

Without time there is no afterlife and everything is a smile when it dies, I won't deny that there's a battle to fight, I won't deny that I have seen the light...The rain and I are all that remain, the wheel keeps on turning just the same, but I'm not afraid of the dark in the day, I'm not afraid of the things that we say
Track Name: Dew Of The Sea
I don't want a bottle
I don't want a ghost
I don't want to sleep at night when everything is closed
I don't want my body
You can keep my soul
These hands don't mean a thing without someone to hold

I'm the morning wanderer,
I'm the midnight son in the temple shaking when the day is done
And I sit at your bedside
And I stand here at the bridge
And I lay here in the water
And I wake
I wake in the sand

In the heat of the day, dew of the sea, those mountains seem so far away with you next to me
But I can feel it pulling, tugging at my sleeve
Time waits for no one but I'm caught in the ocean breeze

And the burning question on the tip of my tongue
Is it already over or has it just begun?
Track Name: Say My Name
You've got everything I need, but you ain't the only one
But you've got a hold on me, and baby, I ain't trying to run
My words float into the air, and hang there, mocking me
And all that I can see frightens me beyond belief

Baby, I don't know what it is that makes me feel so alone
I'm not alone, one thing's for sure
I'm not alone anymore

All the guiltless must fear is sin, what if it ain't real?
And all that I can hear I hold dear

I'll never forget the way you say my name
And though some things may change, I love you anyway
Track Name: Cecilia
Help me, lord!

The truth is, girl, that nothing's really changed
I should be with someone else but you're still in my brain
And if I could take back everything that we did wrong
Then you would see just how my love's still strong

Cecilia, well I can't stand it when you're not around
And you know that I can't stand knowing there's someone who's laying you down
I can't stand that look that you get in your eye
When I think about it, I just want to die

Help me, lord!
Track Name: Miss You
Swallowing my last breath of fresh air
Chase it with all you can
With automobiles and airplanes
With clothes and rings and pretty things
You get farther from the mark

I miss you
Like a blind man misses a piercing glance
And how an archer misses his mark

It's selfish to suggest but I attest that I desire nothing less than to see you in the flesh
Flesh, what a fearful, frightful, forgetful thing
But it always grows back again

I miss you
Like the fine print on an instruction book
And how a razor blade misses the cheek

In solitude I can hear your voice
Or is it a spirit caught in air
Writing pain in concentric circles down his arms
And why are you so blue again, sky?
I wish that you would just break and cry
It would hurt you less than a goodbye

I miss most chances that I take
But for you I'll set my aim again
and again...
and again...